NPHC Yard Show

We Run The Yard Tshirt

The NPHC is the National Pan-Hellenic Council made up of nine historically African American sororities and fraternities. They are more commonly known as the “Divine Nine.” Every year at ASU as part of Alpha Week the NPHC has a Yard Show. This is where sororities and fraternities of the NPHC showcase their stepping, strolling and chanting talents. This year was a good one. There was a movie theme and each organization either had skits, costumes or movie clips that matched their movie. From horror to comedy these nine put on a good show.

“The Yard” is the respective campus community a greek organization is on. With all of the pride and love each of us greeks have for our organizations we each like to say “We Run The Yard.” basically this term means we each like to believe out of all the sororities or fraternities on campus we are the best in every aspect. In greek unity we all respect each other but of course we still think our own organization is the greatest.


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